Our Concerns

  1. Energy Security and Climate Change — Energy security and climate change are interconnected by the use of fossil fuels, most especially petroleum and coal. Specific cost-effective strategies based on efficiency and alternative fuels, using conventional technologies can address both issues simultaneously.
  2. Global Economic Deterioration — Globalization has interlinked the world such that economic misfortune in the smallest of nations has a profound impact on even the strongest of nations.
  3. Nuclear Terrorism and War — When the true economics of fission-based nuclear energy are calculated, power from this source makes absolutely no economic sense and only provides increased high risk for a serious global nuclear mishap.
  4. Cyber-terrorism — This form of terrorism is currently underestimated and misunderstood, yet it has the potential to cause severe widespread damage to humanity. The U.S. is by far the leader in this weaponry.
  5. Global Pollution — The cost to human life from pollution is well known and can be mitigated by existing technologies, once the value of human life and our natural surroundings are integrated into the overall equation.
  6. Overpopulation — This planet cannot provide safely and adequately for its current 7 billion inhabitants if they all aspire to the current standard of living in the developed world.
  7. Healthcare — We must move towards a global integrated physical, emotional and dietary system that prevents disease, and if disease does occur, it is treated by non-invasive energy technologies that can be finely tuned to treat the specific cellular distress.

These are complex challenges. However, one approach which can have a major positive impact is the promotion and spread of Inspired Leadership.