Our DREAM is to help create a BETTER world through Inspired Leadership.

  1. BETTER means a safe, just, and sustainable humanity—a future of hope, health and fulfillment for all people—FOR OUR CHILDREN.
  2. BETTER means finding and pursuing your life PURPOSE and PASSION. In doing so, you will become an INSPIRED LEADER.
  3. BETTER means balancing your PERSONAL and PROFESSIONAL lives based on your specific values for long term fulfillment.


CONSCIOUSNESS — An intimate respect and deep awareness for the interconnectedness of all things and a recognition that our single purpose on Earth is to discover and pursue our innate ESSENCE as a means to make this a better world and to help unfold the destiny of the Universe.

ESSENCE — A unique capability that each of us is born with, and which distinguishes us from others. We have a sense of what it is when we are young—usually, between the ages of 5 and 15. If we are not careful the ways of the world and even well-meaning people can make us lose sight of this important gift. It is never too late to re-discover it (see Jim’s book entitled, Balance).