Jim’s Life

James A. Cusumano is an accomplished leader with many successful careers as entertainer, scientist, corporate executive, and entrepreneur.

He started his career as a successful entertainer as the lead singer for The Royal Teens of ‘50s & ‘60s “Short-Shorts” and “Short Shorts Twist” fame. After a Ph.D. in physical chemistry, business studies at Harvard and Stanford and a Fellowship at Churchill College at Cambridge University, he served as a Director of R&D for Exxon. Jim subsequently co-founded Catalytica, Inc. one of Silicon Valley’s successful companies. Catalytica had business units in clean energy and pharmaceuticals.

He served as President and CEO of Catalytica and then as its Chairman. Catalytica Pharmaceuticals grew in less than five years, from several people to about 1800 with nearly $500 million in revenue, increasing Catalytica’s market value to $1 billion. Jim subsequently founded Chateau Wally Films and produced What Matters Most,” released in over 50 countries.

He moved to Prague where he and his wife, Inez renovated Chateau Mcely to an award-winning luxury castle, spa hotel and forest retreat, chosen by the World Travel Awards as “The World’s Leading Green Hotel.” With his partners, Blue Events and the World Business Academy, Jim created Leadership for Life, a program that brings international change-makers to Prague and Chateau Mcely to teach the power and potential of Inspirational Leadership.

An inspiring speaker, he is the author of numerous technical and business publications, the author of “Cosmic Consciousness—A Journey To Well-being, Happiness And Success,” coauthor of “Freedom From Mid-East Oil,” and author of “Balance” subtitled “The Business – Life Connection” to be released in April 2013.

Jim receiving Rutgers Award