Chateau Mcely Forum

On behalf of our Team, I want to welcome you to Chateau Mcely Forum.

Chairman & Owner

We believe:

  • The world is entering a new and unprecedented paradigm in the way it functions.
  • Only businesses and people that prepare for this change will flourish.
  • The cornerstone to success is Inspired Leadership.

We provide:

  • A unique environment for conferences matched with our award-winning service that supports creative thinking to successfully address challenging issues.
  • Workshops, lectures, conferences and publications that prepare you for the new paradigm.
  • Guidance on achieving balance in both your personal and professional lives.

Chateau Mcely Forum‘s services and insights will help you discover your ESSENCE—that unique something deep inside you that makes you who you really are—and connect it with a NEED in your world, making it a BETTER place in which to live. This will bring you unbridled PASSION, the discovery or enhancement of your life PURPOSE, leading to a deep sense of GRATITUDE and long-lasting HAPPINESS as an INSPIRED LEADER. In doing GOOD, Inspired Leaders also do WELL.

Isn’t this what you really want in your life?

Don’t try to live someone else’s life; it can’t be done! Follow your DREAM!